n Gender and Behaviour - Socio-economic factors influencing mate selection among adolescents of reproductive age in Nigeria

Volume 12, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1596-9231



This study established the influence of social and economic factors on mate selection among adolescents of reproductive age in Nigeria. A total of two-hundred male (108) and female (92) adolescents constituted the sample for the study. Their ages ranged from 21 years to 28 years with a mean age of 26.3 years and standard deviation of 8.48. The instruments used were author-constructed questionnaires with 0.86 reliability coefficient. The data obtained were analysed using frequency counts, percentages, multiple regression and Pearson product moment correlation statistics. The result obtained from the study indicated that a combination of the independent variables (social and economic factors) significantly predicted the dependent variable (R)=0.638; (R2)=0.467 and F-ratio of 57.241 significant at 0.05 level. The result also indicated that significant relationship existed between each of the variables and mate selection (economic factors, t-value=4.543 and social factors, t-value=2.003, p.<0.05).The results further indicated the significant position between income level and mate selection (r=0.238, p.<0.05) and social factors and marriage partner (r=0.236, p.<0.05).Based on the results of this finding, it was recommended that those in the helping professions should take cognizance of those variables that have been found to influence mate selection among adolescents.

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