n Gender and Behaviour - Gender and race in UK organisations : case study of Nigerian and Indian women

Volume 12, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1596-9231



This research is focused on Nigerian and Indian women's career in English organizations. It captures personal career experiences and puts a face to already existing qualitative research on labour market trends of ethnic minority women in the UK. The study presents the challenges faced by women of ethnic minorities in organisations in the United Kingdom, how these women have equipped themselves and strategised to forge ahead in their careers, and how they are still faced with issues related to their gender and ethnic identity. Using narrative approach and semi-structured interviews, the experiences of these women were explored and analysed. It was found that some of these women faced challenges of discrimination and maintain organisational hierarchies. By exploring experiences from the women's individuals' careers, this study demonstrates that the solution to tackling these issues are women's agency strategically applied to avoid existing barriers and organizations' responsibility towards ensuring a fair system.

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