n Gender and Behaviour - HIV/Aids-related knowledge, attitudes and risky sexual behaviour among a sample of South African university students




This study aimed to determine the level of sexual knowledge and attitudes about risky sexual behaviour among a sample of South African university students. The participants were 164 female and 56 male undergraduates, whose average age was 20 years. The main findings confirmed that more than 80% of the students may have a high level of knowledge and attitudes with regard to HIV/AIDS. Of the sample, 24% approved of not having sex before marriage, while only 33% reported having sex without a condom. Of the participants, 47% reported they would refuse having sex without a condom. Although 69% of respondents reported that they have been tested for HIV, 29% have never been tested. Results showed that 48% reported that more educational and awareness programmes with regard to HIV/AIDS are recommended. The results suggest that this particular South African university population may be aware of the dangers surrounding risky sexual practices.


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