n Gender and Behaviour - Gender gap in management positions : a survey of male and female managers in Zimbabwean hotels

Volume 12, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1596-9231



The glass ceiling phenomenon which militates against female entry into management positions has been of interest to researchers for a long time. The aim of this study was to explore perceptions of managers on the existence of the glass ceiling phenomenon in the Zimbabwean hotel industry. Data were collected among women (50%) and men (50%) in management positions in four hotel chains in Zimbabwe. Glass ceiling factors which impede female entry into hotel senior management in Zimbabwe include long working hours, sex discrimination, lack of mentoring/mentors, work-family conflict and relocation problems. The study has confirmed differences in perceptions of some facilitators and obstacles to management positions between male and female managers. In addition to legislation which mandates quotas to ensure women's representation in hotel senior management, societal education to influence changes in perceptions of gender role stereotyping will go a long way towards facilitating women's entry into hotel senior management.

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