n Gender and Behaviour - Sexual attitudes, marriage attitudes and sexual behaviours of females raised by single mothers and both parents : a comparative study

Volume 12, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1596-9231



The study was carried out to explore the role of attitudes towards marriage on the sexual behaviour of female raised by single mothers and those raised by both parents. The study utilised a quantitative approach, with a cross sectional design Data were collected from a purposively sampled group of 300 (150 for females raised by single mothers and those raised by both parents respectively). The ages of participants ranged from 18-24 years. The results revealed a significant mean difference in birth control among females who have been raised by single mothers as compared to those who are raised by both parents (t = -2.765; df =298, p <.01). There was also an indication of a significant mean difference between permissiveness of females raised by single mothers and for those raised by both parents. In conclusion, the results of this study open up an avenue for future studies that can explore other variables such as personality factors, emotional factors which can be as a result of being raised by single mothers.

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