n Gender and Behaviour - Dietary behaviour among male out-patients in Thailand

Volume 13, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1596-9231



The aim of the study was to estimate associations between dietary behaviour, chronic conditions and health variables among male out-patients in central Thailand. As part of a survey of male adult patients conducted in the waiting area of4 district hospitals in Nakhon Pathom province, a questionnaire on behaviour, chronic conditions and other health variables was administered to 2208 study participants mean age 36.2 (SD=11.7), range 18-60 years. Results indicate that 18.9% reported eating at least once fast food in a week. Sweet drinks were consumed three times or more daily, while high-fat snacks and desserts or sweets were consumed three or more times a week by 13.2% and 18.4%, respectively. About half (52.6%) of the participants reported eating three or more servings of fruits or vegetables per day, and 57.4% had fewer than three lean protein meals in a week. Multivariate linear regression found that younger (15-34 years) male outpatients, those with secondary education, never having married, not having hypertension, having gout and other musculoskeletal conditions such as chronic backache and having anxiety symptoms was associated with poor dietary behaviour. Male hospital out-patients presented with a number of chronic disease risk factors, including poor dietary behaviour, which should be targeted for nutrition education.

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