n Gender and Behaviour - Alternative therapies for gender-based work wellness : perceptions of employees

Volume 13, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1596-9231



Due to the performance-based demands and competitive work-environment, employees experience high levels of stress. Organizations, world-wide, have established Employee Wellness Programmes (EWPs) to ease the work-pressure syndromes and offer medical/therapeutic services to employees. The article aims to explore the spiritual wellness element of EWPs and assess its influence on employees' behaviour and work performance/ productivity levels. The study employed a qualitative research approach using semi-structured interviews to collect data from thirty one (n=31) respondents. The data was content-analysed. Thestudy adds value to the limited research undertaken on workplace alternative therapies as part of EWP. Significant opinions were received regarding the imperativeness of alternative therapies. The findings suggest that alternative therapies are life-changing, in every way, physically and emotionally, leading to enhanced work productivity.

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