n Gender and Behaviour - Obesity and lifestyle factors in male hospital out-patients in Thailand

Volume 13, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1596-9231



The aim of this study was exploring the prevalence of obesity and to determine the factors associated with obesity among male out-patients in Thailand. In a cross-sectional survey consecutive male out-patients from four district hospitals in Nakhon Pathom Province in Thailand were assessed with various measures, including anthropometric measurements. The sample included 2190 study participants, with a mean age of 36.2 years (SD=11.7), range 18-60 years. Results indicate that more than one-third (38.0%) of the participants were considered BMI obesity (≥25 kg/m2), 6.8% were underweight, 37.1% normal weight, 18.1% overweight, 29.1% obese class I, and 8.9% obese class II; the mean BMI was 24.8 kg/m2. In multivariate logistic analysis, being employed, having a higher income, having diabetes and/or hypertension, short sleep duration and not being a moderate or high alcohol user was associated with obesity. As a conclusion, a high prevalence and several risk factors of obesity were found among hospital male outpatients.

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