n Gender and Behaviour - Gender and political disempowerment of women in Rivers State. Case study of Port Harcourt Local Government Area

Volume 3, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1596-9231



The political disempowerment of women has remained dominant in the literature on gender. This paper sets out to evaluate the level of women participation as well as identify the factors which impede the equitable political participation of women in the Port Harcourt City Local Council area. It adopts the theory of Radical Feminism which assumes that political inequalities experienced by women is a reflection of a socio-economic and domestic inequalities arguing that unless the structures which engender inequality are dismantled, women will remain politically disempowered.

Drawing basically on survey methods, using interviews and questionnaires as well as data from the National electoral Commissions, the paper observes that women are grossly under presented in appointive and elective positions in Port Harcourt City Local Government Council Area. It attributes this to factors such as the high cost of political Campaigns, the violent nature of political competition which scare women from participation and some Cultural factors which assigns women, purely domestic roles. It recommends various measures including economic empowerment of women, public enlightenment, and the adoption of policies of affirmative actions.

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