n Gender and Behaviour - Examining gender differences in intuitive decision making in the workplace : an exploratory investigation

Volume 3, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1596-9231



Intuitive decision making is increasingly being viewed as a viable managerial decision tool in today's complex and competitive landscape. However, a general lack of consensus in the literature exists as to what intuition is, along with various unfounded generalizations about who uses it (e.g., women or men). Therefore, in this paper, we present results from an exploratory investigation that attempted to elucidate perceived gender differences in intuitive decision making in the workplace. Based upon interviews of 51 experienced professionals, we report: 1) how this sample of male and female practitioners defined intuition, and 2) our results regarding gender differences in the use of intuitive decision making. In terms of the latter, we highlight participant insights regarding: women's use of intuition in work versus non-work settings, reasons women may negate intuition in workplace decision making, and reasons men may invoke their intuition at work. Finally, based upon the results of the present study, implications for both research and practice are discussed.

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