n Gender and Behaviour - Traditionalism and the female question in Igbo-African world

Volume 4, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1596-9231



Igbo-African thought covers a wide range of issues which come in the definition of the Igbo-African personality; yet it is dependent on the Igbo-African ontology. The underlying psycho-philosophical wavelength of any ruling thought process or idea is superiority complex. In Africa as in many other regions of the world, the world is a male's world, hence the male's world-view though microcosmic, constitutes the lenses through which Igbo-African view reality.

A critical look on Igbo-African society brings one face to face with some of our traditional practices which had succeeded in holding our people in captivity and bondage. There is no doubt that traditionalism abound in our society, in exposing this we have decided to look at the Igbo-African in his ontological dimension and get to him and see the nature and the effects of these practices with the aid of our epistemological tools of cognition. The female folk are the most hit by these pathological existential practices of our society. In this paper, some of these practices are highlighted.

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