n Gender and Behaviour - Gender and students' interests in organic chemistry topics at the senior secondary level

Volume 4, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1596-9231



The study is a reflection on the processes of the teaching and learning of science with special attention on gender influence in students' interests in learning organic chemistry in Senior Secondary Schools. Gender studies is gaining wide research attention today and there is increased awareness of activities for eradicating the age long, traditional and stereotyped practices which debar the participation of women in various educational activities in the Nigerian society and even globally.

In the present study, patterns of Nigerian Senior Secondary School male and female students' interests in some topics in organic chemistry were examined. 480 male students and 320 female students were sampled using a questionnaire constructed on a Likert-type scale. There are seven major organic chemistry topics in the secondary school curriculum and students indicated high interest in five topics; hydrocarbons, alkanols & alkanoic acids, soap & detergents and margarine and basic classes of compound in living organisms. Both male and female ratings were high but they differed significantly in their ratings on two topics. Popularization of performance enhancement programmes and activities were suggested for all agents associated with the teaching and learning of science in schools and homes.

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