n Gender and Behaviour - From patriarchy to women empowerment : socio-religious challenges and prospects

Volume 4, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1596-9231



Gender issues especially those concerning the place and role of women in societal development are increasingly assuming position of prominence in our world today. Most socio-economic, religio-cultural and political discourses in recent times are agog with issues related to the rights, empowerment, dignity and duties of women vis-á-vis those of their male counter- parts. Questions are often raised on whether or not women can enjoy equal dignity and status with their male partners given the fact that women are equally human beings. This paper examines the socio-religious climate, especially of the African world with a view to delineating the possibility of a paradigm shift in which women would be adequately empowered. It proceeds by demonstrating the reality of the gender problem on ground and enunciating the obstacles that have been militating against the realization of a redress. Finally, the paper concludes with handing over some suggestions that may constitute the panacea to the feminic problem.

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