n Gender and Behaviour - Intimate partners' violence in Ile-Ife, Nigeria : women's experiences and men's perspectives

Volume 4, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1596-9231



Intimate partners' violence (IPV) is a topical reproductive health, rights and gender issue. Data on IPV experiences and associated factors were collected from 224 randomly selected married women and 99 men in Ile-Ife through administered questionnaire. Data was analysed through SPSS: chi-square test and binary logistic regression were used to determine association between socio-demographic factors and IPV experiences. Qualitative data was also collected through focus group discussions. Psychological abuse was reported by 61.1% of females, sexual abuse by 19.9%, and physical abuse by 7.3%. Past history of exposure of IPV during childhood years was positively associated with IPV experience (OR=8.13; 95% C.I. 3.69-17.86). Major factors associated with the last episode of IPV experienced included: disagreements over finance, childcare, sex and in-laws; wife's perceived disrespect to spouse; and, late preparation of food by wife. Self-reported effects of IPV by victims included depression (48.8%) and Fear / anxiety (31.0%), and suicidal ideation (11.3%).

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