n Gender and Behaviour - Women and ritual communication in Badagry and Owo towns of Southwestern Nigeria

Volume 5, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1596-9231



Despite the anthropological relevance of indigenous religious ritual as a notable variable in African gender construction, the subject has not received adequate expression in gender related discourse pertaining to the African situation. The paper notes that messages which are transmitted through indigenous religious ritual are best understood by those who are familiar with the language and environment of the ritual related activities. Hence, gender role relationships as those revealed during the ritual processes in which female members of the community play roles that are not only prominent but also dominant may come to be lost or convey the wrong meanings to outsiders within particular cultural environment. Using the example of the rituals performed in Kubito worship and Asigbo hand woven cloth in Badagry and Owo towns respectively, the paper pinpoints the important role of women who serve as vessels for capturing the essence of indigenous culture through communication. Overall, the paper suggests that further research in the area of gender based indigenous ritual role relationships should be encouraged and sustained in order to create effective avenues for repositioning African Gender scholarship.

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