n Gender and Behaviour - Effectiveness of gender wellness training in Mpumalanga and Northern Cape Provinces, South Africa

Volume 5, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1596-9231



In 2006, three types of workshops were conducted in the Mpumalanga and Northern Cape Provinces by LifeLine Southern Africa. The workshops included awareness-raising, skills training and support group training. Structured interviews with participants of the workshops were done. The most important finding was that many support groups were started with high success rates. Incidence of GBV and HIV was high in the population and stigma amongst participants was relatively low. Gender Based Violence (GBV) awareness and knowledge were high. Respondents had high perceived levels of risk. They reported making various behavioural changes to avoid GBV. The respondents were aware of their legal rights pertaining to GBV. HIV / AIDS knowledge levels, attitudes and behavioural changes were acceptable. Introducing condoms to a relationship and negotiating usage seemed to be easy in both normal sexual relationships and sexual intercourse without consent. Communication and decision making skills were well developed.

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