n Gender and Behaviour - A study about adjustment of Indian girls in relation to menstruation

Volume 5, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1596-9231



The study aimed at examining adjustment of girls in relation to menstruation and in two types of schools. Using incidental sampling method, sample of 100 ninth grade girls from girls' school and from coeducation school was included. Data were collected with the help of three instruments, namely, Personal Information Schedule, Adjustment Inventory and Menstrual Attitude Questionnaire (MAQ). In general, the girls were properly adjusted and exhibited fairly positive attitude towards menstruation. It was found that attitude towards menstruation and health adjustment were highly correlated; where as, the correlations of attitude towards menstruation and the other four areas of adjustment- home and family, personal and emotional, social, and educational- are not significant. Girls from two types of schools showed similar attitude towards menstruation. They also exhibited similar adjustment, except in home and family adjustment. Girls from coeducation school excelled in home and family adjustment. Adjustment of 16 girls was unsatisfactory in either one or more areas of adjustment. These girls showed maladjustment mainly in the areas of education and health. They held fairly positive attitude towards menstruation. Out of them, 13 reached menarche and 3 were at premenarche stage. Their interviews having very unsatisfactory health adjustment, complained about stomach ache during menstruation suggesting need for medical help.

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