n Gender and Behaviour - Gender, conflict and human security in Nigeria : challenges and prospects

Volume 5, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1596-9231



The web of gender has caught up with the global vocabulary. Gender has become one of the contemporary vocabularies of globalization such as liberalization, commercialization, liberal democracy etc.

The paper examined the conceptual clarification of gender, conflict and human security in order to expose the semantic and theoretical confusion associated with the subject matter.
The UNDP dimensions to human security were adopted to examine the inadequacies and challenges arising from gender disparity that result into human security dilemmas in Nigeria. The paper also argued that gender and conflict in Nigeria can only be perceived within the pre-conflict situation paradigm. Some examples of this human insecurity were drawn from the Urhobo society in the Niger Delta to buttress the inadequacies of human security in Nigeria; strategies were proffered to tackle these challenges.
The paper concluded that once the strategies are critically looked into and steps are taken to implement them, certain prospects will accrue to gender human security network in Nigeria.

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