n Gender and Behaviour - Usefulness and enjoyment of using computers in learning. A gender dimension

Volume 6, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1596-9231



Different educational efforts have been employed to minimize or eliminate gender differences by using various learning means. One of these efforts has been the use of computers in classrooms instruction because of the nature of qualities these facilities possess. This article analyzes students' gender attitudes towards learning by using computers in Botswana junior and senior secondary schools. Attitudinal variables considered are usefulness and enjoyment of using computers in learning. The findings showed that gender differences existed in the variables used when this facility was used. Girls and boys differed on the usefulness of using computers in learning and girls had less enjoyment in learning using computers than boys. While the use of computers did not meet the expectations in the variables studied, it is concluded that (i) the nature of computer studies curricula offered at both junior and senior secondary schools levels, and the way the subject was taught could have an impact on students' views on usefulness and enjoyment of learning using computers, and (ii) further efforts should be encouraged to explore the use computers in studying the gender gap.

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