n Gender and Behaviour - Role of parents in supporting youth who participate in Abstinence and Be Faithful (AB) interventions in South Africa

Volume 7, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1596-9231



Most programs intended to prevent or reduce HIV / AIDS have focused on "safer sex" and the use of condoms, both in South Africa and many other countries affected by the HIV / AIDS epidemic. The use of condoms and other contraceptives have also been central to many campaigns to reduce unwanted pregnancies, particularly among teenage girls. However, some parents, conservatives and religious critics of these programs are concerned that promoting condom use encourages promiscuity.

This has apparently led to an increase in programs designed to promote abstinence from sex before marriage and faithfulness in relationships as safer and more moral ways to prevent HIV / AIDS and unwanted pregnancies. The question is, what is the role of parents in supporting youth who participate in programs such as the abstinence and faithfulness for youth (ABY), that implemented by Olive Leaf Foundation?

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