n Gender and Behaviour - Gender-role stereotyping among auto-artisans in Ghana

Volume 7, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1596-9231



Gender stereotyped beliefs continue to influence behaviour and attitudes of people towards choice of vocations in many parts Africa and elsewhere. In Ghana, auto-work is an example of a profession that have been culturally perceived as a male preserve (e.g. auto-sprayers, auto-welders, auto-electricians, vulcanizers). However, in recent times women appear to make a breakthrough into the hitherto male profession. It is for this reason that the researchers examined the factors that contribute towards the choice of auto-work by male and female auto-artisans. It is also to find out the appropriateness of the choice of auto-work to their sex. Data was obtained from 350 auto-artisans in three major workshops in Ghana, namely: Siwudu (Cape Coast), Kokompe (Takoradi) and Suame (Kumasi). The study identified some factors that could possibly explain why there were differences between male and female auto-artisans in their choice of work. The results also indicated that Male and female auto-artisans discriminate in the choice of auto-work. Finally, there is a significant and strong relationship between sex and choice of auto-work of auto-artisans.

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