n Gender and Behaviour - Signifying "otherness" and the politics of exclusion : effects of stigmatization on the psyche of female lepers and beggars in Nigeria

Volume 8, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1596-9231



Every society has its own challenge, headache and aspiration, but how these are handled makes a lot of difference. The approach to issues, the nature of the issues and the outcome of such issues are very crucial to the development and peace of the society. Nigeria as a third world country has come a long way. The country has come full cycle with the good, the bad and the ugly just like any other country of the world. The difference in Nigeria's case may be the nature and approach to problems plaguing this great nation. This paper in this light attempts an appraisal of issues that may have accounted for the underdevelopment of this great nation over the years by looking at the position of female lepers and beggars in this society and what would have been their contributions, economically, socially and politically to the development of the nation. Using the theory of "otherness" signifying exclusion, the paper brings out the plight of these unwanted in society and evaluates what they are worth in this society. The paper also examines the effect of stigmatization on the psyche of these groups of people. The focus is on female beggars in some of the major cities of Nigeria and lepers along Ore-Benin road of Nigeria.

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