n Gender and Behaviour - The traumatic experiences and psychological health of women working in two male-dominated professions in Nigeria

Volume 8, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1596-9231



The study examined the traumatic experiences and psychological health of women working in male-dominated professions. Their reported traumatic experiences and psychological health were compared with those of women working in female-dominated professions and men in male dominated processions. Samples of 200 women working in male-dominated professions (WMDP), 180 women working in women-dominated profession (WWDP) and 105 men working in male-dominated professions (MMDP) responded to Awaritefe Psychological Index (API) (Form C) and a Traumatic Experience Questionnaire (TEQ). The data-set was analysed electronically through SPSS. The formulated hypotheses were tested by t-Test for independent groups. The reported traumatic experiences of the WMDP are jail breaks, riot by prison inmates, sight of torture, resistance to arrest by criminals, traffic controlling, sexual harassment, social discrimination, role conflict, negative attitude and envy from male colleagues of the same. The WMDP experienced significantly more trauma than both WWDP and MMDP. WMDP manifested significantly higher level of general Psychopathology than WWDP. No significant difference was observed in the levels of general Psychopathology of WMDP and MMDP. Findings were discussed and appropriate recommendations were put forward.

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