n Gender and Behaviour - Career mothers and health implications of work place stress : role of libraries in stress management

Volume 9, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1596-9231



The study examines the health implications of workplace stress on career women with respect to their age and educational qualification. Sixty - nine (69) working women from a Women Fellowship of about 86 located at Agbowo, Ibadan were used for the study. Akinboye's Response to Change Test (RTCT) or Work Stress Inventory was used to collate the data and analyzed. Two hypotheses were tested and rejected. Further analysis shows that an average of 92% of graduate respondents between age (31-50) experienced high stress, implying that there is significant difference in respondents' response to stress experienced on the basis of age and educational qualification. Thus indicating that age and educational qualification can sometimes determine who experience stress or not. The analyses reveal that older career mothers with higher degrees experienced high levels of stress than younger ones. The library is recommended to play a crucial role in managing stress in the workplace, which is mainly to make information materials / resources available to staff and workers.

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