n Gender and Behaviour - Parenting styles, gender, religiosity and examination malpractices

Volume 9, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1596-9231



This study examined the influence of parenting styles, gender and religiousity on the attitude of students towards examination malpractices. One hundred and ninety-eight participants were used which comprises of 100 males and 98 females of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko in Ondo state. Parental care scale developed by Baumrid (1971), Religiousity affiliation scale developed by Omoluabi (1995) and Attitude towards examination cheating scale developed by Alarape and Onakoya (2003) were used to gather data from the students. The results showed that a very high positive significant correlation was found between parenting styles and religiousity (r(187=0.308, p<0.01). Also between parenting style and examination malpractices, a significant negative relationship was found (r(187)=-0.146, p&lt; .05). A significant negative relationship also existed between religiousity and examination malpractices (r(187)=-0.028, p<0.01). The ANOVA confirmed the influence of parenting style on the attitude of students toward examination malpractices (F(1,186)=2.431, p<0.05). It also confirmed that high religious students did not engage in examination malpractice F(1,186)=10.517, p<0.01). But there was no joint significant influence of the three independent variables on the dependent variable (F (1,186) =0.761, p>0.05).

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