n Gender Questions - Deviations: A Gayle S. Rubin reader, Gayle S. Rubin : book review

Volume 1, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 2309-9704



Gayle S. Rubin, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Women's Studies and Comparative Literature at the University of Michigan, made her first impact on feminist and gender theory in 1975 with the publication of her groundbreaking essay 'The traffic in women: Notes on the "political economy" of sex', in which she introduced the term 'sex/gender system' as a corrective to what she saw as the conceptual limitations of the word 'patriarchy' for theorising gender and sexuality. When 'Thinking sex: Notes for a radical theory of the politics of sexuality' (a 'protoqueer' text that became foundational to queer studies) was published in 1984, she had already established her reputation as a fearless and often controversial pioneering theorist of the politics of sexuality and an activist on behalf of sexual minorities, which brought her into open conflict with some sister feminists - notably those spearheading the anti-pornography lobby.

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