n Acta Germanica : German Studies in Africa - Languages, stereotypes and films
European film policy and perception of "Others"

Volume 40, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0065-1273



Linguistic research has long focused on the use of language in movies. Similarly, research in the field of foreign language education has analysed movies regarding their potential for motivation, emotion, and training of competencies and - more rarely - regarding their contribution to perceptions. This paper combines these aspects with questions of language and distribution policies for audiovisual media in Europe and examines the resulting consequences and their possible impact on the visual and acoustic perception of 'Others'. Based on films that have been highly successful on the European film market, select tendencies within German-language movie productions since 2001 are described and identified in order to examine conclusions that may be drawn about the 'portrayal of Germans' and the 'sound of German' within this context.

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