n Health SA Gesondheid - The relationship between family-of-origin and marital satisfaction : original research

Volume 14, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1025-9848
  • E-ISSN: 2071-9736



The aim of this article is to explore the relationship between marital satisfaction and family-of-origin factors amongst couples with children. Locke and Wallace's Marital Adjustment Test and the McMaster Family Assessment Device were used to measure marital satisfaction and family-of- origin factors respectively. Family-of-origin factors, such as problem solving, communication, roles, affective involvement and behavioural control were investigated. The sample consisted of 47 married couples. A significant relationship was found between roles and affective responsiveness as family-of-origin factors and marital satisfaction, while roles as a family-of-origin factor played an important role in the wife as well as her husbands' marital satisfaction. The findings emphasise the importance of functioning in the family-of-origin as a potential determinant of future marital satisfaction.

Die doel van hierdie artikel is om die verwantskap tussen huweliksbevrediging en gesin-van-oorsprong-faktore onder pare met kinders te ondersoek. Locke en Wallace se Marital Adjustment Test en die McMaster Family Assessment Device is gebruik om onderskeidelik huweliksbevrediging en gesin-van-oorsprong-faktore te meet. Gesin-van-oorsprong-faktore, soos probleemoplossing, kommunikasie, rolle, affektiewe betrokkenheid en gedragsbeheer is ondersoek. Die steekproef het uit 47 getroude pare bestaan. 'n Beduidende verwantskap is tussen rolle en affektiewe responsiwiteit as gesin-van-oorsprong-faktore en huweliksbevrediging gevind, terwyl rolle as 'n gesin-van-oorsprong- faktor 'n belangrike rol in die vrou sowel as die man se huweliksbevrediging gespeel het. Die bevindinge beklemtoon die belangrikheid van funksionering in die gesin van oorsprong as 'n potensiële determinant van toekomstige huweliksbevrediging.

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