n Health SA Gesondheid - A critical synthesis of interventions to reduce stigma attached to mental illness : original research

Volume 19, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1025-9848
  • E-ISSN: 2071-9736



Interventions have been developed and implemented to reduce the stigma attached to mental illness. However, mental healthcare users are still stigmatised.

The objective of this study was to critically synthesise the best available evidence regarding interventions to reduce stigma attached to mental illness.
An exploratory and descriptive research design was followed to identify primary studies; systematic review identified primary studies answering this research question: What best evidence is available regarding interventions to reduce the stigma attached to mental illness? A search was done on selected electronic databases. Seventeen studies ( = 17) were identified as providing evidence that answered the research question. The following instruments were used: Critical Appraisal Skills Programme, John Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice research evidence appraisal tool and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics . The study was submitted to the Post-graduate Education and Research Committee of the School of Nursing Science at Potchefstroom Campus of North-West University for approval.
Results indicated some interventions that reduce the stigma attached to mental illness, such as web-based approaches, printed educational materials, documentary and anti-stigma films, as well as live and video performances.
Humanising interventions seems to have a positive effect on reducing stigma attached to mental illness. From the results and conclusions recommendations were formulated for nursing practice, nursing education and research.

Ingrypings is ontwikkel en geïmplementeer om die stigma verbonde aan geestesongesteldhede te verminder. Die persone wat aan geestesongesteldhede ly, ondervind egter steeds dat daar 'n stigma aan hulle kleef.

Die doel van die studie was om die beste beskikbare voorbeelde van intervensies om stigmatisering van geestesongesteldhede te verminder, krities saam te vat.
'n Verkennende en beskrywende navorsingsontwerp is gevolg om primêre studies te identifiseer. 'n Sistematiese oorsig is gekies as metode om primêre studies te identifiseer om die volgende navorsingsvraag te beantwoord: Wat is die beste beskikbare voorbeelde van ingrypings om die stigma verbonde aan geestesongesteldhede te verminder? 'n Ondersoek is gedoen op 'n uitgesoekte elektroniese databasis.
Tydens die keuring van studies is 17 studies geïdentifiseer ( = 17) as bewyslewering en wat die navorsingsvraag beantwoord. Die volgende instrumente is gebruik: and , en .
Die studie is aan die Nagraadse Onderrig- en Navorsingskomitee van die Skool van Verpleegkunde van die Potchefstroomkampus, Noordwes-Universiteit, voorgelê vir goedkeuring. Aanbevelings is geformuleer vir die verpleegpraktyk, verpleegonderrig en navorsing.

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