n Health SA Gesondheid - The competencies of newly qualified psychiatric nurses : research

Volume 5, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1025-9848
  • E-ISSN: 2071-9736



This research report comprises part of a larger study, which endeavoured to identify the competencies of newly qualified nurses (NQNs) as viewed by senior professional nurses (SPNs) in the clinical units. This report concentrates only on the competencies of the NQNs working in the psychiatric nursing units. SPNs (N=29) from certain health services in the Northern Province (NP) of the RSA, constituted the population for this research. A descriptive survey was used as a research approach to conduct this research. The fieldwork, entailing the distribution and collection of the questionnaires by a researcher was done during a period of political and labour unrest in this area. Consequently, only certain health services granted permission for this research to be conducted; others refused permission fearing escalations in the unrest which prevailed at the time. The findings revealed that specific cognitive, affective and psychomotor competencies were expected from the NQNs upon entering the psychiatric work setting, as perceived by SPNs. NQNs in the psychiatric clinical units were perceived to be competent in performing numerous, but not all, clinical competencies contained in the questionnaire.

Hierdie verslag handel net oor 'n deel van 'n groter studie wat gepoog het om die bedrewenhede van pas gekwalfiseerde verpleegkundiges ("newly qualified nurses - NQNs") te identifiseer soos waargeneem deur senior professionele verpleegkundiges ("senior professional nurses - SPNs"). Die verslag fokus net op die bedrewenhede van NQNs in die psigiatriese eenhede. Die navorsingpopulasie het bestaan uit SPNs (n=29) van sekere gesondheidsdienste in die Noordelike Provinsie (NP) van die RSA. 'n Beskrywende opname is benut as navorsingsbenadering ten einde die navorsing te doen. Die veldwerk, wat die uitdeel en insameling van vraelyste deur 'n navorser behels het, is gedoen tydens 'n periode van politieke en arbeidsonrus in die gebied. Gevolglik het net sekere gesondheidsdienste toestemming verleen vir die navorsing; ander het toestemming geweier omdat hulle verhoogde onrus gevrees het. Die navorsingsbevindinge het aangedui dat spesifieke kognitiewe, affektiewe en psigomotoriese bedrewenhede van NQNs verwag is wanneer hulle die arbeidsveld betree, soos waargeneem deur die SPNs. NQNs in die psigiatriese kliniese eenhede was beskou as synde bedrewe in die vervulling van baie, maar nie in alle bedrewenhede wat in die vraelys vervat is nie.

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