oa South African Health Review - Preface

Volume 2000, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1025-1715



During the 1980's many South Africans spent the greater part of their weekends at funerals. As we move into the first decade of the 21st Century this pattern is re-emerging, although for entirely different reasons. Every South African is becoming increasingly intimate with the effects of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and, as with most preventable diseases, it is the most vulnerable and poorest communities whose lives are most adversely affected. The attention given to HIV/AIDS by many chapters in the 2000 South African Health Review reflects the seriousness of the disease and the widespread impact that the epidemic is already having. Previous South African Health Reviews have highlighted that in most areas of our health system excellent policies are now in place, and the challenge is to ensure implementation. In contrast, what is disturbing in relation to HIV, is that in some critical areas including Mother to Child Transmission and HIV and breastfeeding, there are not even clear policy guidelines.

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