oa South African Health Review - 'Voices' of primary health care facility workers : human resources

Volume 2002 Number 1
  • ISSN : 1025-1715



This chapter summarises the experiences of Primary Health Care Facility health workers gathered through interviewing 11 nurses, 6 doctors, 9 pharmacists, 8 administrative clerks, and 8 environmental health practitioners, associated with these facilities across the country. The experiences shared pertain to the complexity of training, roles, work relationships, job satisfaction, workload, physical infrastructure and resources, transformation and HIV / AIDS issues. Nearly all professionals interviewed expressed concern at the lack of proper in service training programmes. Many felt that they were disadvantaged in terms of their preparedness to provide quality care while a few were frustrated because they are unable to utilise their skills. Some of the health workers were frustrated by lack of sufficient resources to handle the increased number of users. Although the views expressed cannot be generalised to PHC health workers in the country, they provide a platform from which managers can start investigating the factors that promote or hinder effective health care delivery at a PHC facility.

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