oa South African Health Review - Health information systems in the private health sector : pooling of resources and purchasing of health care

Volume 2007 Number 1
  • ISSN : 1025-1715



This chapter provides an overview of health information systems in the private health sector from a legislative and operational perspective, highlighting the duality of the South African health care system, which is also reflected in the health information system.

The chapter explores data sources, data quality and collection processes as well as the minimum data set, which focuses primarily on access, utilisation, cost and quality of health care services. The role of health care providers, intermediaries such as data transmission companies, medical schemes and administrators in the flow of information in the private sector is also outlined.
The Risk Equalisation Fund process highlights the implications of legislative reform on health information systems specifically, data requirements, data collection processes, and system requirements. Inherent in any health information system is the need to protect personal health information and this is dealt with in the context of confidentiality focusing on the adequacy of legislation, and processes and practices of different stakeholders with regards to personal health information.

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