n HTS : Theological Studies - Rhetorical argumentation in biblical texts, A. Eriksson, T. Olbricht and W. Übelbacker (eds) : book review




Extracted from text ... Eriksson, A Olbricht, T and ?belbacker, W (eds) - Rhetorical argumentation in biblical texts Harrisburg, PA: Trinity Press International. 436 Pages. US $47.00 Reviewer: Prof Robert L Brawley (McCormick Theological Seminary, Chicago, USA) A Lund conference on biblical argumentation produced the following essays: Frans von Eemeren, "Argumentation Theory: An Overview of Approaches and Research Themes"; Vernon Robbins, "Argumentative Textures in Socio-Rhetorical Interpretation"; R Dean Anderson, "The Use and Abuse of Lausberg in Biblical Studies"; Lauri Thur?n, "Is There Biblical Argumentation?" Manfred Kraus, "Theories and Practice of the Enthymeme in the First Centuries BCE and CE"; Carol Poster, "The Economy ..


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