n HTS : Theological Studies - "Om nie te dink bó wat in die Skrif geskrywe staan nie" - konsistensie en ontwikkeling in die teologie van Piet Geyser




"Keeping theology within the parameters of Scripture" - consistency and development in the theology of Piet Geyser

This article reflects a conversation between Andries G van Aarde and Piet A Geyser. P A Geyser was professor of Biblical and Religious Studies at the University of Pretoria. He retired in January 2004. The following issues are discussed: critique against the Calvinist doctrine of predestination from the perspective of Karl Barth's theology; the unity of the church; theology for lay people; the authority of Scripture; the relevance of historical Jesus studies; Biblical testimony on homosexuality and the pastoral care of gays. The article aims to demonstrate the growth and development in Geyser's hermeneutics while he remains within the parameters of Scripture.


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