n HTS : Theological Studies - Men and women in the Fourth Gospel : Gender and Johannine characterisation, C.M. Conway : book review




Extracted from text ... Boekbesprekings / Book Reviews Conway, C M 1999 - Men and women in the Fourth Gospel: Gender and Johannine characterisation Publisher: Society of Biblical Literature: Atlanta, GA. 230 Pages. Price: Unknown Reviewer: Dr S J (Lilly) Nortje-Meyer (Rand Afrikaans University, Johannesburg) The book is based on a PhD dissertation done in 1997 by Colleen M Conway at Emory University under the supervision of Prof Hendrikus Boers. The publication consists of three chapters: History of Research on John's Gospel; Character, Gender and the Fourth Gospel, and Men and Women in the Fourth Gospel. The motivating force behind this dissertation is ..


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