n HTS : Theological Studies - Teenswoordige geskiedenis : Michel Foucault in gesprek met die teologie




<b>Present history : Michel Foucault in conversation with theology</b> <br>Philosopher Michel Foucault's work has become a major strand of what is often referred to as "postmodern theology". The wider relevance of his work for theology nevertheless still remains unexamined. This contribution serves as a review article of the book Michel Foucault and theology: The politics of religious experience (2004), edited by James Bernauer and Jeremy Carrette. It deals with "present history" as a leitmotiv in Foucault's work, before presenting a summary of this collection of essays by a group of leading Foucault scholars on a variety of themes within the history, thought and practice of theology. The book is described as a fascinating contribution to Foucault scholarship, which demonstrates, for the first time, the influence and growing importance of Foucault's work for contemporary theology.


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