n HTS : Theological Studies - Ancient Israelite literature in context, W. Boshoff, E. Scheffler, & I. Spangenberg : book review




Extracted from text ... Boshoff, W, Scheffler, E & Spangenberg, I 2000 - Ancient Israelite literature in context Pretoria: Protea Book House. 239 Pages. Price: Unknown Reviewer: Dr G C Lindeque (Rooihuiskraal, Pretoria) This is an excellent textbook for use as an introductory course on the literature of the Old Testament. I have been using it as a textbook for students from an African background with little experience in an academic environment and I have found it most effective as a textbook. Arguably the best aspect of this book lies therein that it deals with all the books of the Old Testament, the Samaritan ..


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