n HTS : Theological Studies - Gospel of the Savior : A new ancient gospel, C.W. Hedrick & P.A. Mirecke : book review




Extracted from text ... Hedrick, C W & Mirecke, P A 1999 - Gospel of the Savior: A new ancient gospel Publisher: Polebridge. x + 165 Pages. Price: Unknown Reviewer: Prof G J Swart (University of Pretoria) In this small volume the authors/editors present a critical text, translation, and commentary of Papyrus Berolinensis 22220, a collection of parchment fragments (note: not papyrus, despite the catalogue designation) acquired by the Berlin Egyptian Museum in Charlottenburg from the Dutch antiquities dealer Karl J Moeger in 1967, but lay unconserved and unedited in the archives of the museum until 1995. The extant text of this Coptic ..


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