n South African Journal of Higher Education - Policy into practice: planning an instructional programme within the NQF

Volume 14, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1011-3487



An instructional programme in higher education can be defined as a sequence of learning activities leading to the award of a particular qualification. Programmes have a broad area of specialisation and can be trans-, inter- or multi-disciplinary in nature. In accordance with policy guidelines, programmes should be planned, coherent and integrated, add value, be learner-centred, experiential and outcomes-oriented; develop attitudes of critical inquiry and prepare students for continued learning in a world of technological and cultural change. The National Qualifications Framework aims at establishing an open and flexible system based on credit accumulation and multiple entry and exit points which will make greater mobility possible for learners in the higher education system. This article critically investigates the policy guidelines for programme planning provided by the NQF and their implications for higher education. It also presents an overview of the process for the planning of an inter-institutional programme in Higher Education Studies.

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