n South African Journal of Higher Education - Effects of the instrumental enrichment and CoRT thinking skills programmes on the creativity of pre-service teachers




This study assessed the effectiveness of Feuerstein's Instrumental Enrichment and de Bono's CoRT thinking skill programmes in enhancing the creative thinking and attitudes of pre-service teachers in a disadvantaged South African community. Four groups of students (n = 20 each) were randomly constituted and taught, respectively, Instrumental Enrichment, CoRT, a combination of the two, and their usual studies (that is, a control group). Results on the measures of creative thinking were inconsistent and non-significant. However, after intervention, the experimental groups were all more open to autonomy and divergence among their pupils than the control group. Further, unlike the others, the Instrumental Enrichment group displayed a consistent tendency to improve following the intervention on the measures of creative attitudes. Implications of these results for teacher education and further research are discussed.


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