n South African Journal of Higher Education - Recognition of prior learning : a challenge to higher education

Volume 16, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1011-3487



The higher education sector faces many daunting challenges. It is clear that the ability and capacity of institutions to deal successfully with current policy goals and initiatives and changing conditions is uneven, and is partly shaped by historical conditions. Higher education also faces the excitement of mapping the direction to social redress and transformation while at the same time attempting to meet the skills requirement of the country. The entry of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) into higher education at this particular juncture in our transition cannot underscore its significance to the adult learner, the workplace and the country. If South Africa is to play and occupy a leading role in Africa and the globe, the higher education sector has that challenge by adopting a vigorous RPL policy. The real challenge is to provide access for people whose academic or career paths have been needlessly blocked, as their prior learning was previously not recognised, assessed, accredited nor certified.

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