n South African Journal of Higher Education - Competition in higher education : lessons from the corporate world

Volume 16, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1011-3487



Much has been written about the impact of globalisation in the corporate world. Most of those involved in the corporate world are aware of the impact of globalisation on their business activities and are taking required precautions. Actions followed include mergers, acquisitions and strategic alliances. These actions are aimed at ensuring their survival and profits in the face of increasing competition. In contrast, institutions of higher education in South Africa are lagging behind in this regard. The decline in student numbers and cut in government subsidy make it necessary for these institutions to examine the private sector for strategies aimed at protecting their survival and profits. This article touches on activities often encountered in the corporate world and suggests that institutions of higher learning can learn from these actions. The purpose of this article is to impress on the reader that globalisation has increased competition and that, in order to survive in a competitive market, higher education institutions must improve and sustain their competitiveness. Other public institutions and government departments are rising to the challenge and those involved in higher education should do likewise.

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