n South African Journal of Higher Education - How the Internet necessitates a rethink of multimodal education : research in higher education

Volume 18, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1011-3487



Research conducted in the late seventies and early eighties argues that learners conceptualise information differently, if it is offered through various (multiple) instructional methods (modes). Thus the term multimodal education was created ± nowadays a familiar educational approach. With the appearance of the Internet, the potential for disillusionment with multimodal education has become a possibility. This article considers the different kinds of multimodal education, as illustrated through a case study of a course where the Internet was introduced as an additional mode. The article demonstrates that the so-called channel view of multimodal education (channeling information to students through a variety of unique modes) is encompassed by the broader and more appropriate communication- view. According to this view, modes communicate different messages about the world and learning. This means that modes can easily convey inconsistent messages to learners. An awareness of potential inconsistencies is crucial to ensuring that multimodal education leads to higher quality learning.

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