n South African Journal of Higher Education - Drawing on indigenous knowledge : students' learning in and from a rural community : research in higher education

Volume 18, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1011-3487



Taking a lead from various perspectives on indigenous knowledge (Maher 2000; Warren 1991), the article outlines the facilitation of a two-pronged project to promote learning at different levels in tourism education. The project aimed at enhancing economic upliftment and skilling for sustainability in tourism by utilising, <I>inter alia</I>, the indigenous knowledge of a particular community. The first sub-project involved 11 adult learners from a rural community in the Western Cape Province who participated in a learning programme to develop cultural tourism products. In the second sub-project three groups of pre-service teachers from the University of Stellenbosch were exposed to the adult learners and the community and taught in and learnt from local schools for three consecutive years. The article focuses mainly on the second sub-project as run in 2004 and establishes whether the process of project development and implementation occurred in a fashion that reflected the claims to indigenous knowledge made by such frameworks as suggested by Easton, Nikiema and Essama (2002) and Ellen and Harris (1996). In particular it establishes whether the student participants reflected increased sophistication in knowledge gain and application.

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