n South African Journal of Higher Education - In search of an African philosophy of education : perspectives on higher education

Volume 18, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1011-3487



The Higgs-Parker debate on the meaning and place of African philosophy in the construction of a new South African philosophy of education raises more questions than answers. In an attempt to answer some of the questions raised the present author also raises fresh questions. One of the arguments advanced by the present author is that both Higgs and Parker appear to take the meaning of key terms such as <I>Africa, philosophy, African Renaissance&lt;/I&gt; for granted. An analysis of the meaning of the key terms brings to the fore fundamental questions of justice. These must be answered adequately and satisfactorily. The thesis defended in this article is that it is only through an in-depth and critical historico-philosophical analysis of the current constitution of South Africa that the question whether or not a truly South African philosophy of education may be constructed can be answered. An adequate answer must show that veritable curriculum change at all levels of education, especially higher education, has been effected.

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