n South African Journal of Higher Education - Factor analytic model for evaluating the effects of HR profile on organizational productivity : case study of university academic staff

Volume 19, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1011-3487



The major assets of an organization are man, money, machine and time. It is proven that the poor procurement and management of the human component often leads to the poor procurement and management of the other assets. The research being reported in this article proposes factor analysis by principal components as a tool for evaluating the effects of HR profile on organizational productivity. A case study of the effects of academic staff profile on the investment portfolio of the university is carried out. Three factors, namely: teaching, research and community development were extracted as the major investment foci of a university and each loaded on a number of the academic staff profile related decision variables. The results obtained from the factor analysis provides a basis for deriving a system of equations desirable for evaluating the contributions of each academic staff to teaching, research and community development. Moreover, the results obtained place a higher premium on research activities in the university than on teaching and community development.

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