n South African Journal of Higher Education - Six learning theory perspectives on a Web-based learning environment

Volume 19, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1011-3487



The University of Pretoria offers a masters degree in computer-integrated education, incorporating a module called <I>Internet-based learning.&lt;/I&gt; This module uses constructivist and collaborative techniques via web-based distance learning to portray aspects of a real classroom in a web-environment. The Hexa-Metamodel (HCMm) is a synthesis of paradigms of contemporary learning and instructional theory, comprising six elements relevant to e-learning events and environments, namely: (i) cognitive learning theory, (ii) constructivism, (iii) components of instruction, (iv) collaborative learning, (v) customisation, and (vi) creativity. Using the HCMm as an evaluation approach, this article investigates the module's webclassroom and collaborative environment to examine conformance to contemporary learning theories. We present findings of a survey among students, identify strengths and their causes, and note problems and recommendations.

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