n South African Journal of Higher Education - An innovative approach to the management of knowledge overload in medical microbiology

Special Edition 1
  • ISSN : 1011-3487



Huge amounts of new information often result in students approaching their studies with the exclusive objective to pass assessments and obtain a qualification. Consequently, the potential enjoyment of the learning process, deeper learning, integration of concepts, and retention of knowledge are lost. Informal/ playful learning is usually associated with invigorating emotional awareness, which promotes academic achievement and the development of general/social skills. In order to address students' lackluster perception of medical microbiology in an innovative way, MedMicroFunWithFacts (MMFWF) was developed as a quiz-type board game, and evaluated by means of various qualitative methods as a potential learning tool. The original question-and-answer database was then converted into a multiple-choice-question format, web-based application (e-MMFWF), as an independent learning and self-assessment instrument in the Infections module of the Free State University undergraduate medical curriculum. This article reports the impact of MMFWF on students' perception of microbiology, skills development and academic achievement in the module.

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