n South African Journal of Higher Education - Knowledge production and transmission in a changing society : challenges facing law lecturers in a distance education environment in South Africa

Volume 20, Issue 5
  • ISSN : 1011-3487



In this article I highlight the challenges facing a law lecturer in a multicultural society in transformation where the student is being prepared to serve society in different occupational fields as a professional person. I indicate that the law itself cannot effect change. For this we need properly trained lawyers. For an effective transformation of the society we rely heavily on previously disadvantaged groups to take responsibility in all fields of the legal profession. The requirements exacted from lawyers are very high. I furthermore focus on the tension between the kind of graduate we are expected to produce and the students presenting themselves at our institution. Particular attention is paid to the kind of skills that we have to transmit to students, as well as the obstacles in the way of achieving this at a distance education institution.

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